Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday was crappy at work. Lots of crazy rude customers calling. Yeah if you are going to make stuff up keep it straight when you talking to me. I will not believe a story that has changed several times.

My sister stopped at my work for a few minutes with the kids. Very, very happy about that. I really miss them.

I helped my brother with some school stuff and dropped his papers off to him at his work. This "kid" has come so far. I am so proud of him. He has really turned his life around and he really seems to have his stuff together. I really hope he keeps on his current path.

I stopped at Wally World. They had a bunch of fabric on clearance. I only got a little bit. :) I also picked up a shirt for my Dad for a late Valentine's day gift. I usually buy him candy but he is having health issues.

We ordered pizza for supper. So naughty. We watched Smiley Face and We own the night.

Overall not a terrible day!

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