Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday recap and blog candy

So I ventured out this morning for a few deals. I didn't go until around 9 but the traffic and people were still out. My Mom graciously offered to drive me so I didn't have to drive in the messy traffic. I am super thankful she did because I would have been really stressed out. We both got quite a few deals at Menards. Lots of the items we really wanted were gone but we still managed to have a loaded cart. My Mom got an awesome deal on some fleece at Mill End. I got some really good deals at Down Memory Lane. The absolute worst place was Michael's. What a zoo! No carts left, the line was super long and people were pushy. I did manage to get a Basic Grey Christmas paper pack and a new punch but I guess the paper pack was on sale. I am planning on going back tomorrow. Hopefully it's calmed down a bit. Overall it was a good day for shopping even with the extra people.

Here is a link to some awesome blog candy: Created by Courtney

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Kathy H said...

Wow you went to Michaels!...I stayed clear away from there... I wish I had that Christmas Basic Grey paper pack... We went to Chippewa Walmart, Sams Club and Target. Our major purchase was a Wii., which the kiddos decided just last week that they wanted one. Before that they each wanted a laptop...but they are too little for one of them anyway...